Lee Walter 

Lee Walter is an emerging South Australian visual artist; she graduated in 2015 from Adelaide College of the Arts with a Bachelor in Visual Arts & Design, majoring in photography. Inspired by art history, she uses highly considered objects to construct her narratives and aims to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. She is interested in both the natural environment, and the internal environment of self. By observing the interplay between the selected objects in her work, she seeks to create a greater connection between the viewer and the work, which in turn creates questions about our environments. 

Lee Walter was selected for the 2016 Helpmann Academy South Australian Graduate Exhibition, which showcases the top emerging artists of South Australia. In 2017 she won the SALA CCP Latent Image award. she recently completed an artist residency for SALA and The Centre for Creative Health at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, for which she received the SALA Atkins Pro Lab Photographic award. Her work is held in both Private and public collections 


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