Currently showing at Gallery 1855 

During my residency at the RAH I have created a body of work representing the essence of the time that I have spent with each individual. I was guided by my conversations and cherished interaction with patients and families living with dementia.

Although each work is as unique as the person that inspired it, common threads weaved their way through my time here. Themes of love and family are explored in the works Deer Oh Dear, which tells the story of the love of a dad for his children, trying to hold on to the memories of their childhood and shared experiences. Weight To Bear depicts the heaviness of what’s to come for a husband and his wife who have moved out of the home they built together so she would be able to receive the care she needed. To Catch A Bird conveys memories of family and childhood adventures from walking in the Australian bush to climbing trees in an attempt to catch cockies. 

A mans connection to place can be found in Surfs Up. Memories of the sea and moments spent with friends telling stories around the campfire on surfing trips to the coast are recounted with me over a warm milo. Which from what I was told was a poor mans replacement for an ice cold beer.

Grief was often found in these moments too. Hanging on and Stitched Blossom explore the fear that these connections are slipping away and express sadness in the inability to carryout passions that were once so intrinsic to their identity. 

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